COMON C: Andreia Luísa AD: André Pina DC: Ricardo Lourenço

At the Olympic Games, women are not allowed to practice decathlon, the 10-event competition that gave the brand its name, and are restricted to heptathlon, the 7-event competition.

Gender equality in sport is a cause that Decathlon supports, but there is still a long way to go.

Why is the decathlon only for men? Chasing opportunity and equality, women are campaigning for their own 10-event competition,
rather than just the heptathlon, at the Paris Games in 2024. - 
Shauna Farnell, The New York Times.

Our idea? 
Rename Decathlon to Heptathlon during the Olympics to draw attention to the problem.

What’s in a name?
But we are not only renaming here.
The idea is that we expand a cause that is already defended by many athletes, giving it more visibility.
We could start by supporting existing petitions or giving rise to new ones.

1. Internal: invite Decathlon employees to sign the petition;
2. Renaming: without revealing, making people talk;
3. Women’s Day: reveal the brand support for the cause, ideally reaching the Olympic Committee.

Note: this campaign was not carried out.