Unhappy Hour
Está na hora de pedir mais!
COMON C: Andreia Luísa CD: Ricardo Lourenço Design: d’uma OVA MUSA: Beatriz Pires & Bárbara Simões
In Portugal, women still get paid 13.1% less than men.
It’s time to ask for more. 

MUSA, a Portuguese beer brand, had the guts to act.

Three beers named after iconic women in music walked into a bar... to talk about the gender gap. This ain’t no joke.

The beers were sold 13.1% more expensive than usual at the bars and online.
A new beer was created specially for this cause: IPAtti Smith. A strong one.
We then invited influencers and people from the music industry to talk about this over a very unhappy table.


And because everything happens for a reason, with the money gathered MUSA will offer education and mentorship to womxn who want to improve their skills in the music industry. (Ongoing)

Find all about it here.